Tina Tungseth

Tina Tungseth has been serving as a JAIL INC. Board member and is presently also in the position of secretary.  Tina is a UND graduate and a retired Sergeant having worked at the Otter Tail County Detention Facility for 34 years.  “Seeing people have success over difficult life obstacles was one of the most rewarding aspects of my career.   Most of those positive life changes were often the result of a commitment to a Life in Christ.   Pastor Pete Konrad ministers to inmates and their families, teaching and mentoring them and we see God change hearts and lives.  The community support is so important for the work of JAIL INC., we appreciate your prayers and continuing financial support.”


Preston Berg

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Nathan Hanson

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As a Lutheran pastor, I reside in Vining and serve three small rural congregations between Kensington and Battle Lake.  I am impressed with the necessity of sound spiritual development, particularly with those incarcerated due to addiction and alcoholism.  Pete, our chaplain, brings this vantage to life "inside" with genuine service to Jesus.

Board member

Janice Aaberg

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I worked at the Otter Tail County Detention for over 31 years. I started as a Correctional Officer, a Dispatcher, a Corrections Sargent and then then spent 23 years as the Jail Program Coordinator.  I retired in 2020.

It is very important to have a chaplain in the jail facility. Most inmates have little or no understanding of who Jesus is and that there is a better life. A chaplain can make that introduction. A chaplain can make that introduction. Lives have been changed through Jail, Inc. We are grateful to the community that helps to place a chaplain at the jail.


Peter Konrad

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Peter Konrad has been serving as Chaplain at the Otter Tail County Detention Facility since 2019.  Peter has a love for Jesus and a desire to share the gospel with those who are incarcerated.


Matthew McGuire

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Matt is a retired Lieutenant with Otter Tail County Sheriffs Department.  He considers serving on the JAIL Inc ministry board as an honor. Matt is currently the board chairman. Supporting the ministry of the Jail Chaplain and others who bring the hope of Jesus Christ to those who are incarcerated is important work in the Kingdom of God.  Thank you for your prayers and support of this ministry.  


Deb Nelson

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The purpose of JAIL, Inc is very personal to me. I worked with Otter Tail County Juvenile Hold and assisting with transports for 20 years. I have life experience with families and friends who have ended up in jail or prison who live with substance use disorder and mental health disorders that have not had the supports in place to address these needs and continue the destructive cycle. Through JAIL. Inc many inmates our family find hope.

Board Member

Kurt Mortenson

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My wife Heidi and I live in rural Underwood. We have two adult children each of whom work in the Fargo/Moorhead area. We are involved in a variety of civic, church and charitable organizations and enjoy and appreciate the ministry of each. More recently, I am honored to serve as District 3 Otter Tail County Commissioner, a new type of public service from my almost 30 years in the Otter Tail County Attorney’s Office.

JAIL Inc. is meaningful in that it serves to enhance the spiritual life of inmates in the Otter Tail County Detention Facility, through a relation-based ministry of one-to-one contact, education, Bible study and worship. Through this ministry lives are changed.

Salvation Army Lt

Darby Bowyer

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Doug Dent

Board Member