Impact Stories

Meet Theo-

"My life spiraled out of control and I found myself behind bars. I was angry, afraid, lost and alone. But in darkness, JAIL, Inc. walked into my life. Slowly I learned to overcome my fear and pride. I learned that I was not alone, and I learned that there was hope. The more I attended the JAIL, Inc. programs, the more freedom I felt. Being locked in a cell had a funny way of renewing my prospective. The things that once ruled my life and caused me pain began to crumble away. Being incarcerated, although challenging, will forever be a sacred place for me. Ironically, it is where I found my freedom that only God can give me. 

Thank you Jail, Inc. I will be forever grateful." 

Every dollar you donate to JAIL, Inc. helps support the ministry and brings the message of Jesus Christ to the inmates at the Otter Tail County Jail, during and after confinement.

Thank you for your continued prayers and generosity.