about us

JAIL Inc is a non-profit ministry that was established in 1990 as a collaborative effort of local churches and individuals with a desire to bring the gospel to inmates within the Otter Tail County Jail Facility.   The Jail Chaplain, Peter Konrad, is employed part-time and is paid through donations received by individuals, churches, and local businesses.

From an inmate:

"When I first came to jail, I was lost. I was angry and afraid. I felt alone until I discovered JAIL, Inc. Even though I was struggling with the wide range of emotions that can make incarceration seem insurmountable, I quickly learned that I was not alone, and that there was hope for my life. The more I attended the programs, participated and made myself vulnerable, the more freedom I felt. These walls have a funny way of renewing one's perspective. The circumstances that brought me into this facility were unfortunate, and my time here has certainly not been easy, but this place is and will always remain a sacred place for me. The challenges I have had to overcome and the transformation that's taken place within me during my time here would not have been possible without the help of JAIL, Inc. I will be forever grateful."